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Losing your hair can be depressing, but you aren't alone! At DermaClinix, we are focused on offering genuine solutions for your hair loss troubles.

Find your reason!

One of the first things that any person dealing with hair loss should know is the underlying reason. Typically, men tend to lose hair in pattern, which is the precise reason why such kind of hair loss is called male pattern hair loss. On the other hand, women are keener to see thinning of hair and a number of lifestyle and hormonal issues can be attributed as the real reason. When you talk to a hair transplant surgeon in Dhar, your first concern should be the causes, following which the expert will offer solutions.

Will Hair transplant help me?

Yes, for sure! Hair transplant is one of the safest and most advanced ways to get back a fuller looking head. In simple words, the process basically involves transplanting some of the hair from donor area to the recipient area. As one of the best known clinics for hair transplantation in Dhar, we have been focusing on simplifying things for our patients.

Our doctors will explain all things to the patient, starting from the basic causes, procedure and detailed hair transplant cost in Dhar. We aren't focused on just pushing for transplant, but we are keen to help you. With an extended team of expert doctors, who are qualified from AIIMS, we have changed the confidence levels and looks of many in our years of work. Hair transplant isn't just about reviving your looks, but it is also about getting back your old self in a real way!

Why DermaClinix?

DermaClinix is best known clinic for hair restoration in Dhar, and we stand for a number of reasons. Here's why you should choose us-

  • Choice of FUE and Bio FUE hair loss treatment in Dhar
  • Complete panel of experienced doctors and surgeons
  • An advanced clinic comprising of advanced technology and equipment
  • Assistance for all kinds of hair loss problems
  • Dedicated services, and state-of-art infrastructure
  • Quick response for all queries related to Hair Transplant in Dhar

If you think you have been seeing more hair loss than ever, we insist on reaching us at the earliest. With the right kind of approach, we can help in reducing the further impacts of the problem. Call us today to know more!